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Innovation starts with an acceptable culture

All societies have their own specific culture and moral standing. In Sweden there is a terrible mill culture (Bruksmentalitet in Swedish). Corporates have their own morals and culture as well; usually relating back to the original entrepreneur.

IKEAWhen great entrepreneurial companies grow, they hire legal staff and build a HR-department and this is the tipping point; this is where the adaptability stops.

Today the IKEA founder (a young look-alike, think-alike) Ingvar Kamprad would not be hired by IKEA. The reason is simple: He is a free thinker. He does not fit in.

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Excel as the fastfood of stupid decisions

Putting complicated matters in a numerical environment makes it easier to deal with. There is safety in numbers and although it feels really good you end up being making stupid decisions most of the time.


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Is irrationality really that irrational?

Our knowledge about the workings of the human mind has taken a gigantic leap forward over the last few decades. There is a growing body of evidence piling up, suggesting something that most of you will probably already know; human beings are not at all as rational as they would like to be.

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