The Swedish Behavioural Economist

If we truly want to be innovative, we need to sort out the corporate culture!

22469882_m-2Corporate culture kills all development, as we do not know how to deviate from its grip. We have a built-in resistance to change, to give up what we have.

  • Inside the corporates, there are myths about ”core-business, traditions, we have never done it this way before” which few individuals can fight of, so instead of strategic development corporates grind to a halt.
  • As entrepreneurial companies grow they come to a tipping point when the entrepreneurial spirit dies and they slide towards death.
  • Large companies can not adopt new ideas as the turnover is not big enough – but all projects are small before they get big.
  • Corporate culture, the myths of what made the company great, sticks to the wallpaper and lives with the employees; and makes it impossible to change.

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