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Ulf Löwehnhav porträtt

Meet Ulf Löwenhav, The Behavioural Economist that focus on optimizing market valuations and fund raising capabilities for public companies.

Ulf is also the publisher for EQapital, a online publication with its rots in behavioural finance and focused on governance, capital markets, innovation finance and corporate responsibility.

Ulf has from his early years gathered vast knowledge in the fields of finance, accounting, corporate governance and transactional services. Through his long years of experience, Ulf has served as CEO, board director, strategist and advisor to dozens of companies. His unique expertise in capital market issues lead him to publish two books in the field as well as hundreds of articles and more than 50 educational films ranging from Behavioral finance to organizational analysis of Hell’s Angels. With his background as a doctoral student at Stockholm School of Economics combined with his business expertise created an exceptional insight in the business world for years to come.

But Ulf felt that there was still something missing. There was something missing in the picture of the modern business world. Ulf therefore started to laborate, examine and experiment with different forms of business strategies, to redefine traditional business practices and complement them with new formulas. The insight lead to a unique approach with tools for culture-impact and behavioral science and other secrets, helping companies create optimal value.

Ulf is today the Value Alchemist, Lead advisor and Strategist for the multi-purposed company Reaktion Value Labs, an associate professor at Stockholm Business School in Behavioral finance and Advisor for large public companies, handling a wide array of different clients and projects.

For more information about Ulfs background please visit Linkedin.

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